Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hanging Book Exhibition Opens Friday at Bellevue Gallery!

Standing on the Side of Love – A Hanging Book Exhibition featuring Patricia C. Coleman and Bellevue Gallery Members, February 5th through March 26th, 2010. This exhibit of hanging books is in celebration and support of love, respect, tolerance, diversity and equality.

The community is invited to leave comments in support of love, respect, tolerance, diversity and equality; and what this means to them, for inclusion in a book to be titled “Loving is to Me”.

You can also meet Patricia and other exhibiting gallery artist from 5pm to 7pm. Examine the "hanging books" and other art.

Don't want to walk? Connect with the Gallery Walk Shuttle bus and hop over with other visitors to enjoy this unique exhibit and opening refreshments.

Every day, our feature artist Patricia has the opportunity to "Stand on the Side of Love" through her work as a Reiki Practitioner, wellness arts workshop presenter, and creative expression as a multimedia artist.